Fiberboards MDF/HDF


Fiberboards MDF/HDF

Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF)

High Density Fiberboards (HDF)

The production program of plates includes the following products:

  • sanded plate MDF/HDF
  • MDF/HDF laminated
  • floor panels of laminated HDF boards (s=8mm).


HDF – it is a wood-based product similar to MDF but exceeding it’s density. MDF/HDF have a very high dimensional
stability, high strength characteristics, perfect horizontal and excellent processing properties. Environmentally safe,
durable and easy to process material.


Sanded MDF/HDF – is such MDF/HDF, which is specially sanded after pressing without additional decoration, uniform
in structure with extremely dense and solid surface.


Laminated MDF/HDF – on the face side is covered with a layer of decorative paper that allows you to select the one
decoration that is right for you.


The main application of MDF boards – is the production of back walls of furniture, bottom of boxes, door inserts and
decorative furniture facades.

HDF boards are used for finishing walls and floors.


Technical information Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) :

 Standard dimensions: width  1220 mm, 2440 mm
 Standard dimensions: length  1830 mm, 2440 mm, 2750 mm, 3050 mm
 Thickness  from 3 till 40 mm
 The average density (kg/m3)  from 650 till 800
 Formaldehyde content (mg/100g)  8 emission class E1, Е2
 Binder  Based on urea-formaldehyde resins


Technical information High Density Fiberboard (HDF):

 Standard dimensions: width  till 2070( including 1830х2440) mm
 Standard dimensions: length  till 2800 (including 1830х1220) mm
 Thickness  from 3 till 40 mm
 The average density (kg/m3)  from 800 till 890
 Formaldehyde content (mg/100g)  8 emission class E1
 Glue  UF – urea formaldehyde

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