Global Forest Corp. Ltd. is an international trading company specializing in the sale and distribution of a wide variety of wood products. We support many market segments with a full range of high-quality wood products for export worldwide. Quality control extends to all aspects of Global Forest Corp. from manufacturing to delivery.

Our customers can depend on environmentally responsible, competitively priced products backed by the support of our knowledgeable sales staff and our efficient delivery schedules.

Our full lineup of certified products gives you all the clout (influence, prestige,
standing, authority) you need to stay competitive, increase your business efficiency
and achieve high results.

In our stock list you can find the following materials:
• Plywood
• Chipboard
• Thin Fiberboard MDF
• Fiberboards MDF/HDF
• Pulpwood, Lumber
• Heat – insulating Slabs
• Laminated floor covering (laminate)
• Glue Board
• H20 beams
• Logs

Phone:        00 359 52 30 56 51
Cell Phone: 00 359 885 360 345
00 359 889 007 510
Global Forest Corp. Ltd.
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